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At the macro level of urban design, we have carried out intensive urban design practice for more than half a year, and we have further understood the differences between different scale design fields. In the super-scale urban design work, what we design is no longer a single concrete building, but a life mode, development mode and even development mode. Based on the ZOOM IN from macro to micro, our design practice of architectural scale, interior scale and landscape scale will have a more effective pre-design judgment

we go deep into the urban public space and devote ourselves to discussing how to improve and enhance the public's daily life space under the background of stock renewal era, and we try to do our part to improve and enhance the space of the public's daily life. Through the overall control of urban public space and the practice of urban renewal projects, we have completed an "urban acupuncture".

Thanks to the practice of urban restoration that brings us a focus onthe microcosmic and real life, this year we also tried to focus moreon the design practice of architectural scale, interior scale andlandscape scale, increasing the focus on commercial, catering andExploration of the retail space.